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Best Food Supplier in Penang

With its rich food production you are spoiled for choice in food suppliers in Penang. Even with its smaller area the multi-ethnic region drives its food industry to be as diverse as its population. You have a variety of local specialties to choose from as well as other produce and processed food items from outside of Penang.

Choosing the best local food supplier in Penang might not be as daunting of a task as you may think, but you should still tread carefully. Whether it is for a restaurant or home, with wholesale purchases you have to consider your money’s worth in terms of quality and time.

While you ponder about your options consider these criteria for choosing the best food suppliers.


There may be several wholesalers that would offer the same produce that you need, but do they all offer the same quality? Some suppliers are more critical than others when it comes to quality control.

The best food suppliers will choose their sources more wisely, considering factors that are as important as crop yield and type. Logistics is a major aspect in food distribution that can affect cost and freshness of the goods.

To get the best quality and fairest prices the best produce wholesalers will often look to local farms and food producers for their supply.


Sometimes you require produce and food products that are more foreign to the region. So it is also important to look for food wholesalers with the best supply network.

A vast supply network allows a wholesaler to offer greater variety to their customers. A supplier with a broader product offering would also allow you to have a change of pace without having to look for other suppliers.


This is a more difficult criteria to gauge but definitely a critical aspect to consider especially for fresh produce suppliers. This criteria is more relevant for restaurant and kitchen owners. The best food suppliers are not afraid to be put through their paces.

The best and most cost efficient kitchens run on the pull model. Their food production is based on actual demand, and demands in restaurants can vary. Lean kitchens do very little over-stocking and their food orders from their suppliers can vary from time to time depending on the demand. Food supply deliveries are done more often in lean kitchens than conventionally run kitchens as a result.

An agile food supplier can deliver more often and do changes to deliveries almost immediately when requested. The location of the food supplier relative to you also helps greatly in this aspect.


Probably one of the more obvious criteria that many would not gloss over but is worthy of a reminder. If you are sourcing your vegetables from a local farm for instance make sure that they are licensed for distribution.

Farms may sell to wholesalers but are themselves not authorized to distribute their products on their own. Licensed distributors are obligated to operate within a certain standard and prevent any future legal disputes down the road.


The reputation of a food supplier is one of the best gauges of quality of the products they have and the level of standard they uphold to their customers.

Reputable food suppliers have many trusted clients and are often well established in terms of age. Producing and supplying produce wholesale is risky and competitive and only the best can endure.

Food wholesalers or suppliers need to excel in both quantity and quality. Ones that have earned the trust of many clients usually have high quality and safety standards as well as dependable in keeping their restaurants and kitchens fully stocked.

Bansan Penang is one such supplier. They have been around for generations providing Penang’s households with high quality fruits, vegetables, and other produce. What was once a humble small farm they have now grown to be able to provide wholesale produce for various clientele. Give them a call to find out more.