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Finding The Right Produce Supplier In Penang

Opening a restaurant is an exciting venture yet also one that is crammed full of difficulties. Commercial dining establishments undergo a lot of scrutiny by customers and authorities alike. One of the most criticized aspects of a restaurant is the food safety and quality. Therefore you have to make sure to have a strong foundation when it comes to sourcing your ingredients.

Choosing the right food supplier is easier said than done in most cases. Quality is not the only measure one should look into. As with any business venture, making a choice is a balancing act.

In Penang, food sources are plentiful and finding the right type of food supplier is not a big issue. However, when you are spoiled for choices it can be difficult to choose one that can serve you well in the long run.

Consider these factors among your shortlisted food suppliers.


Consider the clients that the food wholesaler is serving. Food suppliers that are the choice of many restaurants are likely able to handle the unique challenges that restaurants pose compared to other clients such as retail supermarkets.

The number of clients they serve also is a tell-tale sign of good reputation. If a produce supplier in Penang is delivering food products to many of Penang’s dining establishments, then they are likely able to give you the same assurance in safety and quality.

Delivery capability

Choose suppliers that are closer to your restaurant’s location. You may also inquire about their ability to do daily deliveries if you need to, but that depends on the level of quality you desire and if you have a very limited storage facility.

With a food supplier that can handle frequent deliveries or even do same-day emergency deliveries your restaurant can run lean, where your food supply needs are tightly based around actual demand (i.e require less “back-up” stock). Lean running kitchens are less wasteful and more cost effective at keeping a higher standard in food quality.

Broad catalogue

There are wholesalers that specialize in certain products or product ranges. Bansan Penang for example specializes in wholesale fresh produce, specifically fruits and vegetables. Although historically they have also offered other grocery items at a retail level to households all over Penang.

A supplier that offers more variety can streamline your food supply management. You can have fewer specialized wholesalers, leading to more efficient delivery schedules and easier inventory management.

High standards

Wholesalers that practice high operational standards go to greater lengths to ensure that the foods that reach their customers are at an optimum quality and delivered in a timely manner. They should also offer better support for their customers. Communicating with their sales representative should be easy and informative.

Food suppliers with high standards put more care into food handling and transportation. They may have chilled trucks to deliver fruits and vegetables to combat the degrading effects of Malaysia’s heat and humidity. They may also bundle fruits and vegetables in sturdier compartments for transportation to avoid bruising and other cosmetic defects. Much more care is also put in cleanliness and food safety. For example you can expect minimal visible contamination such as dirt on rooted vegetables, and staff in charge of loading and unloading put extra care to minimize physical contact with the goods once they are destined for customers’ hands.

With such a high level of service you can expect a slight premium in cost. All the care in food handling and transportation does not come cheap. However, the cost premium might still be manageable (and maybe even quite minimal). You have to weigh the cost and benefits, but it would probably be worth the quality of the product and service you will be getting.

Consider Bansan Penang

Bansan Penang has a rich history in providing fruits and vegetables to households all over Penang. They have grown from a small farm catering to their community, to an e-commerce grocery store with a growing network of suppliers and delivery capability that is well regarded. With decades of experience they are now committed to move into something bigger. Offering the same level of service and high standards of quality that households of Penang have become familiar with into the wholesale market.

If you are looking for a fruits and vegetables supplier for your restaurant, give Bansan Penang a call.