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Fruits and Vegetables Supplier in Penang

How to spot the best supplier of fruits and vegetables?

Choosing the best produce supplier in Penang can go two ways. The abundance of local produce and vastness of variety coming in from neighbouring regions means you are spoiled for choices when it comes to the number of choices. On the other hand, choosing the best one requires a bit of homework.

You have to balance many factors in order to find the produce supplier for your restaurant. Your main priority would be maximizing profits, but also fulfilling the demands of your customers as well as maintaining the vision you have for your establishment.

During your deduction process you must always remember that you are dealing with perishable food items. Food safety must always be your priority, right after supply reliability, and food quality. We have a few pointers to give to help with your assessment in finding the best food supplier for your restaurant.


1.  Location, location, location

“Location, location, location” is a famous mantra in real estate coined by Harold Samuel, founder of one of the United Kingdom’s largest property companies in 1944. This principle should also be applied when you are looking for fruits and vegetables supply.

Penang has a healthy agricultural industry with dozens of local vegetable farms supplying their crops to local wholesalers. To get the freshest supplies of vegetables opt for vegetable wholesalers with an abundance of local vegetables.

Make local sources the priority if you want the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. There are some fruits and vegetables that are not available in Penang however, so do take note of that when you insist on going local.

2.  Consider the supplier’s variety

Variety can liven up your restaurant’s menu, but in terms of choosing the best produce supplier one that has a large variety can streamline your restaurant’s food supply management.

Depending on your restaurant’s scale one supplier can deliver both fruit and vegetable supply needs. By reducing the number of suppliers you can have a more efficient delivery schedule and less contact information to keep track of.

Some fruit and vegetable suppliers even carry seasonal items that you may wish to include among your regular orders.


3.  Supplier accessibility

For a business-to-business entity the supplier needs to be highly accessible. Nowadays online presence is highly important for businesses. Selling through a reputable platform or having their own website shows their confidence in the product they are selling.

Restaurateurs and kitchen managers may still wish to make direct calls or meetings, but having an online platform to assess their product ranges and services shortens the communication times.


4.  Assess their delivery service

Continuing on from the previous point you need to consider how well they can deliver. Having an online presence makes the assessment easier. Businesses are sometimes reviewed by their clients through off-website means. For example Google has provided a review function in their Maps application and your shortlisted supplier may have been reviewed by previous or current clients.

Choose suppliers with delivery options that suit your budget. Delivery charges are not standardized and depend on many factors. Some even do free deliveries with orders that are past a certain price point. Check also for minimum order quantities to make sure that they are appropriate for your restaurant. Frequent periodic deliveries may need to be scheduled so check for that option as well or contact them directly for inquiries into custom orders that may not be available on their website.

5.  Consider their experience

When it comes to food wholesale nothing beats age and experience. The best food suppliers in Penang have withstood the test of time and honed their craft. Not many can survive in the small state and any new food suppliers cropping up face the stiff competition from the well-seasoned players.

Well established fruits and vegetables suppliers are usually well-received by their clients. They are also deeply rooted to their local community hence understand the local market.

They are also well-versed in the safety and quality procedures and protocols that are needed to ensure the safety of the perishable foods they deliver. They would have the license and appropriate certifications to prove their food safety worthiness.

Final note

If you are opening up a start-up restaurant in Penang the best produce supplier for you would be a reputable local wholesaler with a vast connection to locally sourced produce. You can get the best balance between affordable rates and high quality.