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The Best Wholesale Produce Near Me

A reputable and certified produce wholesaler or food supplier is essential for any commercial dining establishment. Other than offering the best quality you also want to make sure that the food you will be offering to your customers is also safe.

When it comes to finding the best food supplier there should be little compromise. Food safety and quality are of utmost importance for an eating establishment as you will be scrutinized in both aspects. It would be a waste of resources when you have invested in the best skilled workforce and high food handling standard procedures when your food source is sub-par in quality.

Your food supplier should reflect your own standards in quality.

Freshest produce

The food supplier should provide you with the freshest produce. Preferably their sources of fruits and vegetables are from nearby local farms. Crops that are harvested daily and reaches your restaurant by the end of the day or the very next morning are optimal.

Unfortunately, in the real world that is rarely the case. Even with local farms nearby the food demands at your local produce wholesaler can still overwhelm the crop yields. Sometimes the right kind of crops are not available locally either. Therefore, produce wholesalers may source their produce from farms all over the country.

In that case you have to look for wholesalers that put more care into the transportation of the produce. Visit a produce wholesaler near you and assess the quality and freshness of the produce that they are delivering to their customers.

Better rates

If you are just starting out a small restaurant you should look for suppliers with more affordable options. The best food supplier near you would deliver at minimal cost.

There are also those that may offer more premium delivery services at relatively affordable rates. Such suppliers should be considered if you deem their quality to be essential to the standards that your eating establishment is going for.

Imported produce can vary in prices among wholesalers. Choose ones that would cater to your budget as well as fulfil your inventory needs.

High food safety standards

This is possibly the most important aspect to consider. It is even more important than the quality and freshness of the produce (although the two can also be somewhat related to food safety).

Produce that are aesthetically less than stellar is excusable if they are still well within their shelf life limit. Cooking and other processing can negate the need for aesthetically pleasing produce.

Food safety is all in the handling and source of the produce. The best produce wholesaler will choose their sources from accredited farms with the appropriate authorization. The produce that arrive at your restaurant should look clean with no suspicious odors and textures.

A plethora of options

The best produce supplier near you would have plenty of options to choose from, making it easier to manage your supplies especially if you are just starting out. Keeping track of just one or two suppliers allows you to manage your time more efficiently and put in the energy into other efforts to grow your restaurant.

Agile logistics

Fast deliveries are all but expected from a food supplier near you, but what about their willingness to make emergency deliveries? Scheduled deliveries are the ideal when it comes to managing a restaurant, but if you are running a lean kitchen there could be rare occasions when unexpected spikes in demand can drain your inventory to dangerously low levels well before your closing hours.

The best food suppliers are as quick on their feet as you are. Kitchens running on the pull model are slowly gaining traction especially for newer kick-starter restaurants run by chefs with a business acumen.

The best food supplier near me

If you are in Penang there are plenty of food suppliers nearby that can cater to the needs of every type of restaurant. Bansan Penang has a rather rich history as a small farm catering to the island’s small markets and households, but they are now committed to bring the same refinement in services and quality produce in the wholesale market. Consider Bansan Penang as your next produce supplier.