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Wholesale Fresh Produce in Penang

Wholesale fresh produce is relatively easy to come by in Penang. Penang would not be the foodie haven it is today without having the freshest ingredients the land has to offer.

Finding fresh produce should be an easy task if you are opening a restaurant in Penang. However, finding the best wholesale fresh produce is a different endeavour.

You can consider Bansan Penang as your next wholesale fresh produce supplier. Although relatively new in the local e-commerce scene we have been supplying Penang with fresh produce for generations.

Trustworthy brand

While relatively new on the e-commerce scene we have been running a small farm and providing Penang’s households with fresh fruits and vegetables for generations

Today we have grown larger and expanded our inventory as well as the range of products that we can offer. We established a network of supplies from local orchards, farms, importers, and food producers that are befitting of our high standards in quality.

We now have a focus on wholesale produce. We strive to continue to distribute the best fresh produce on a larger scale so that Penangites get to enjoy the fresh produce they have grown fond of at home even at their favorite restaurants.

Community driven

Contributing to the community is part of our philosophy. With our home delivery services we strive to provide friendly and timely deliveries, and “humanizing” our online grocery shopping platform.

We also do our due diligence in corporate social responsibility (CSR) by helping those in need in trying times. At the time of writing the world has been struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the wealth of food supplies and encouraging business growth thanks to our loyal customers we can lend a hand to some of the local non-profit charity organizations.

Safety is our priority

Food safety is our utmost priority. With our own crop yields we put care into sorting and cleaning to make sure that all the produce that we deliver are free from contaminants. Our produce is cleaned by hand in small batches and thoroughly inspected.

We expect the same standard of cleanliness and safety from our other sources and only the best receives our approval.

Confidence in our logistics

Poor delivery service can break a restaurant. Without a constant supply of fresh produce restaurant managers would have to constantly cancel menu items, and that leaves a bad mark on their reputation. Restaurant owners should be free to schedule the deliveries however they see fit.

With vast experience under our belt we are confident in our delivery capabilities. Knowing the landscape of Penang is vital to our continual survival in the business. We will be using the knowledge, experience, and our network of suppliers to give you the best delivery service possible.

Large variety

Our large variety is well established. We have a large variety of local and imported fruits and vegetables. As we strive to be one of the best wholesale fresh produce suppliers in Penang we have looked far and wide for the best sources to expand our catalogue.

Contact us

If you are looking for the best wholesale fruits and vegetables supply in Penang, or if you have any inquiries about the best produce for your restaurant feel free to contact us. Our representatives are more than happy to give you a consultation.