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Wholesale Produce in Penang

If you’ve stumbled across this entry you are probably one of the few committed to feeding almost 1.8 million Penangites in this foodie haven. Be it by running a stand-alone restaurant, running a hotel kitchen, or selling in a wet market, you are looking for the best wholesale food supplier near you to run your business.

What is a wholesaler?

Wholesalers are responsible to connect producers, manufacturers, and farmers to a distribution network that passes on their products to consumers. Without them farms and factories would bear all the workload of selling and distribution themselves. Some do sell and distribute their own goods, especially farm products, but it is more common for farms - especially smaller ones - to sell their harvest to a local wholesaler. Wholesalers do the hard and expensive work of logistical handling, which smaller farms and manufacturers may be limited in usually due to economic reasons.

Wholesalers’ primary business model is what you may call “B2B”, or “business-to-business”. They cater mainly for businesses rather than end users. They work based on the principles of economies of scale. Products sold directly to customers at a large scale can have the advantage of a lower price per unit. They sell a larger amount of the required products or materials to their customers for a lower price that you can’t get from regular grocery stores (which have to introduce their own markup for profit and growth). No matter how small your restaurant or market is a wholesale supplier can offer savings that can be passed down to your customers

Even though their main clients are businesses, regular-end customers can buy from food wholesalers too. For cost and practicality reasons the minimum order quantity deters many households from buying directly from wholesale food suppliers. But, for whatever reason anyone would like to buy wholesale most wholesale food suppliers can provide.

Why wholesale?

Wholesalers are much more stable. One of the reasons is their intimate connection with their supplies. Food wholesalers may also be food producers themselves, operating farms, orchards, and processing facilities of their own. But, most of the time to keep up with the demands of various food businesses, food wholesalers develop a network that consists of other food suppliers. Bansan Penang is one such food wholesaler in Penang. They have a network of suppliers and farms other than their own so you can have a reliable supply and a greater amount of choice under one roof. This can “streamline” your operations and make your business easier to manage. This also makes supply handling easier as you can expect products to arrive on the same day.

Though small and well-known for its global electronics industry Penang has a healthy choice of wholesale food suppliers, and not just seafood. According to recent statistics (as recently as May 2021 at the time of this writing) Penang has a healthily growing farming and agriculture sector. More excitingly, even the rather niche organic farming industry in Penang has experienced steady growth in recent years. Food suppliers of the island and mainland have access to an abundance of fresh produce that may have come from just a stone’s throw away from their location. Bansan Penang too has their own small vegetable farm which they harvest everyday early in the morning.

Quality of wholesale food suppliers in Penang

Rest assured that you can get very high quality fruits, vegetables, and produce from Penang’s wholesale suppliers. The small land area makes it favourable for getting high quality ingredients in bulk. Swift logistics and relatively close proximity to supplies and producers make it easier to control the freshness and quality of produce every step of the way.

In other words, those who demand the very best in freshness have nothing to worry about. Some worry about the nature of mass selling, where quantity is often priority instead of quality. By choosing a well-established and reputable food supplier such as Bansan Penang you can depend on getting the best on each and every delivery. 

How do I choose the best wholesaler?

If you are not sure where to start looking, then the best way to start is to ask around. Wholesalers - especially those already well-established - may have trusting long-term clients. You can ask the restaurants or food sellers around you. Bigger restaurants and sellers in farmers markets usually have a trustworthy wholesaler they depend on for their supply of produce. Even if you’re an end user and not a business owner don’t be shy to ask for information. Everyone likes a good deal every now and then.

Afterwards you may wish to know more about the wholesalers. With the connectivity of the internet most wholesalers have their own website, or at the very least have some business info available on the internet from associated websites. However, there is no better way to judge a wholesaler than witnessing the products they have to offer, and see how they operate for yourself. 

If you live nearby, give them a call and arrange a visit. If you are a Penang local or establishing yourself in Penang then you would be in luck as pretty much anywhere is nearby. Going to a local wholesaler in Penang is less of a hassle. Talking with the sales representative in person is the most efficient way of communication, especially if you are planning a very large order or a recurring one. Mistakes can become very costly in regards to wholesale and direct communication is the best at avoiding them.

Getting a fresh supply of produce in Penang is easy thanks to the rich supply that the island and mainland has to offer. But, connecting them all together in a seamless network of distribution is due to the efforts of Penang’s local wholesalers. Consumers of any level can therefore enjoy the freshest ingredients while at the same time help with the local economy by supporting local farms and producers.