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Wholesale Produce Provider In Penang

If you are in Penang and planning on starting a restaurant, a catering business, running a kitchen in a hotel, or a cafeteria then you might be looking for an access to high volumes of quality produce on a regular basis. What you are looking for is a dependable wholesaler.

For fruits and vegetables, Bansan Penang is a worthy consideration. They are one of the most recognized names in the island of Penang when it comes to fruits and vegetable supplies and have quite recently set up an online grocery store that can deliver directly to households all across the island and most parts of the mainland. Now they are expanding further to deliver the same high quality produce at a wholesale level.

Bansan Penang provides customers with vegetables from their own small farm, but they also have connections to other farms and orchards to diversify and expand their catalogue. They harvest their own crops and receive supplies from other farms and suppliers on a daily basis, giving you the freshest quality.

Choosing a local wholesale food supplier like Bansan Penang promotes the local economy, but there are other reasons that may be great incentives to choose Penang’s local food supplier.


This is possibly the most apparent advantage to having a local food supplier. It also makes it one of the top priorities when it comes to choosing a wholesale food supplier. Convenience in a business sense saves you more than just mental burden. It can also be cost efficient as deliveries can be delivered faster and at a considerably lower cost.

The lunch rush is busier than usual, orders are racking up unpredictably and your stock is running low? It would be great if your food supplier is nearby and can deliver with the hour. This is one of the best things about having a local food supplier. You can have a rather lean operation for your restaurant or kitchen, stocking up just enough to reduce waste while at the same time have a contingency. If the order cannot be delivered for whatever reason you can even pick it up yourself. And, when in Penang it is entirely possible that wholesalers be within minutes of where you operate.

Being able to meet up directly with a sales representative easily can also be a great incentive to choose a local food wholesaler. Mistakes can be costly in wholesale purchases and direct communication would make sure that the seller and buyer are always on the same page. At the same time purchases and agreements can be made relatively quicker as well when talking to a sales representative in person. His or her attention can be undivided thus information relay can be quick while reducing chances of miscommunication.


Penang is rich in raw food supply. Do a Google Maps search yourself and type in any of the major keywords such as ‘farm’, ‘food supplier’, ‘seafood supplier’, or simply ‘wholesaler’. You will see dozens of red markers all related to your search. As such you can expect Penang’s local wholesale food supply to have access to sustainable and stable supply of produce.


Be it a fruit orchard, vegetable farm, or even honey producer, Penang has it all! Penang’s wholesalers have all the diverse products you need. Whether you need a fruits supplier, vegetables supplier, or even dairy, there is sure to be a local wholesale supplier that fits your needs within a few minutes drive.

Penang food wholesalers don’t always rely on local produce. Some of the food items that are high in demand have to be “imported” from other states. For example cow dairy as Penang lack the ecology for a healthy and sustainable dairy cattle farm at a mass-production level. There are fod suppliers in Penang that are focused on bringing in food products that are not available locally and make them available wholesale, thus diversifying the choices available to locals furthers.

What it all means for your business

You cannot go wrong with food wholesalers in Penang. Taking advantage of the island and mainland’s great agriculture and fishery, as well as great connections to the nation’s other food supply chain, Penang has everything your kitchen or restaurant would ever need no matter the palate you are trying to satisfy. Your restaurant or kitchen can have all the food supply it will need with the added benefit of cost and time efficiency to boot. Find and call your local food wholesaler today to set up an appointment.